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Combine amazing, forward-looking, and exuberant, and you have Jarvis. Serving as a Founder/CEO at Infinite Ideals & Infinite Ideals Virtual Support. Jarvis takes on challenging responsibilities, such as remaining positive and encouraging any and everyone around him.

He is the man of the people, a customer engagement …

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Since officially launching in the fall of 2019, Infinite Ideals Virtual Support has provided accurate, consistent, professional, and reliable services as a Certified Loan Signing Agent, Mobile Notary, Notary Public, Virtual Assistant, and Wedding Officiant. Our notaries are familiar with most types of personal and …

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We understand that you’re busy and convenience is key. That’s why we offer services on weekdays and weekends–evenings too. Our goal is to process your paperwork quickly so that you can go on with your day. Please contact us by phone or email anytime to schedule an appointment.

IIVS Notary Cost & Services Offered

Official Notarial Acts
Attesting Signatures (Signature Witnessing)

Attesting Signatures (Signature Witnessing), certifying that a signer personally appeard before the Notary, was positively identifed and signed the document in the Notary's presence.


Acknowledgements, certifying that a signer personally appeared before the Notary, was identified by the Notary and acknowledgeed freely signing the document. 

Certified Copies

Certified Copies, certifying that a photocopy of an orginal document is true and complete.

Oaths and Affirmations

Oaths and Affirmations, which are solemn promises to a Supreme Being (oath) or on one's own personal honor (affirmation).

Verification Upon Oath or Affirmation

Verification Upon Oath or Affirmation, as in depositions and affidavits, certifying that the signer personally appeared before the Notarty, was positively identified, took an oath or affirmation and signed a written statement in the Notary's …

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Depositions, certifying that the spoken words of a witness were accurately taken down in writing. Although Notaries are authorized to take depositions.

Mobile Notary Travel Fee
Travel Fee (Less Than 40 Miles)

Schedule block and travel starts at $40.00 for your notary. If you require an additional staff member to serve as a witness to a will document, total travel fees start at $80.

Travel Fees are in addition to the Georgia regulated notary cost of $2 …

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Travel Fee (Greater than 40 miles)

Schedule block and travel starts at $60.00 for your notary when traveling greater than 40 miles. If you require an additional staff member to serve as a witness to a will document, total travel fees start at $120.

Travel Fees are in addition to the …

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I used Infinite Ideals for notary services and it was beyond exceptional. Jarvis Johnson is extremely professional and the response time was second to none.... Read more

Jul 25, 2020
Richara Brown

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